Quick Step by Step how to vote STAR

2 min readFeb 9, 2022

This is a short guide how to cast STAR votes for http://star.addirktive.com

Go to the Stellar Laboratory: https://laboratory.stellar.org/#txbuilder

Enter your public key and click to ‘Fetch new sequence number’:

Select operation type: Create Claimable Balance

Enter Asset: STAR

Enter the amount to vote with and set the first claimant as follows:

You can find the claimants needed for the vote in this spread sheet. The above example is for the BTC/USDC pair.

Add a second claimant, the destination for this one must be the same as the public key you entered at the top. To get correct Time Value, go to this site: https://www.epochconverter.com/ and generate an epoch with minimum 1 hour in the future (better take 2). Choose other settings as follows:

And that’s it already. On the next page you can sign the transaction with different options including the Secret Key. Since this is the Stellar.org official website I consider it safe to use your secret here if the other options don’t work for you.

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