addirktive issues highest paying yield-assets on Stellar — USDA, aBTC, aETH

1 min readMar 16, 2022

After testing and optimizing the yield strategy for own assets, we’re proud to open up to the public by offering our own yield bearing tokens on the Stellar Network.

All assets are issued as tokens on the Stellar Network.

You may need to add the assets as a custom token. The issuer for all is:
In case search by issuer domain is supported, search ‘’

APY is currently paid on assets held in your Stellar account and standing SDEX offers, not for assets in Liquidity Pools. Supply for the tokens is currently limited, first comes first served.
All APY payments are sent daily around midnight UTC.

Besides providing liquidity pools and buy back offers on the orderbook, we will soon also add support of these tokens on the Dashboard and provide non-custodial off-ramps.

Lobstr | Stellarterm | Nicetrade

Get aBTC:
Lobstr | Stellarterm | Nicetrade

Get aETH:
Lobstr | Stellarterm | Nicetrade