List of winners will be updated at the end of this article after each giveaway ended!

If you won in any of the CityStates Giveaway Events, make sure to have a WAX wallet connected to your CityStates account.

To create a wax wallet, head over to There is no…

Holders of CSM now have the option to lock up their CSM in the Dashboard.

500,000 CSM Lock = VIP Gold

This pass will give you access to the sale before anyone else. The pass is also your entry to early access, testing of ‘CityStates: Domination’ and a free Starterpack. Unlike VIP Silver, this pass will…

This is the first of many Giveaway Events we have planned for CityStates. Make sure to register an account on and follow us on social media to not miss out!

In this Event, we are starting to prepare the Whitelist for our upcoming sales. Participate and spread the word…

First of all I want to note that this is not taking development time away from CityStates: Medieval. Since it’s completely web-based, Fabio is the one developing it and he is not directly involved with unity game-development of CS:M.

For CSM tokenholders it will be interesting to know that since…

We’re happy to announce that the Dashboard, which functions as a bridge between Stellar and the Binance Smart Chain for quite some time for our own token CSM, has now been extended to support the deposit and withdrawal of XLM and BNB.

The full list of currently supported tokens and coins:

From Stellar to Dashboard:

To access the new security features go to Settings from the drop down in the upper right:

Change Email

You can only change the email if you also have access to the old email. …

Update Aug 2nd: The peg/cap has been lifted.

Previous article unedited:

We announced a peg/cap at $0.01 and $0.02 previously after a community/backer voting was held. This clearly sent the wrong signal or was not properly explained on my end and I take full responsibility for that.

To not simply drop the peg…

Ok, first of all: With all the scams and shitcoins out there, I understand that people are wary when certain things happen and I’m happy that a lot of people at least start to do their own research, something which I have always encouraged everyone to do before investing/buying into…

Presupposing you already have an address on BSC and are familiar with Metamask, you can add the CSM token to show in your account by entering the contract address 0x35754e4650c8ab582f4e2cb9225e77e6685be25a:

To buy CSM with other tokens simply follow this link to Pancakeswap:

To make sure you are adding the original…

What a week this was… so exciting, so much feedback, so many conversations but also a bit exhausting and honestly I’m glad it’s over because I finally slept more than 5 hours a night. …


About to change shit. Watch me do it!

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